Friday, September 5, 2008

Off to School

Xian's had a very busy week, especially compared to hanging around home with me. She started kindergarten and also is now starting to attend daycare. All things considering, it's going pretty well and she is really happy to be back in her old daycare room with many old friends. Her long term memories are still there and she's picking up on routines from a year ago. Kindergarten is a bigger adjustment, with many new people and in a new space, though she has been enjoying that too. The hardest part is the transition between programs after lunch, and that will probably take us a few weeks to work out all the kinks. Her speech continues to improve, so that's helping a lot. She's still having some short term memory lapses and we're still dealing with some of the 'brain glitches' like impulsiveness or getting very over excited at times. Sometimes she'll get herself very wound up and not be able to calm herself down again so we still have some 'whirling dervish' moments. A few people who know her 'from before' have commented that she's looking a lot more like her old self, and I think she is....there are some moments where she does seem to be moving closer and closer to the child she used to be. While she's still not always acting properly with other children, she does seem to be regaining her sense of empathy. This morning Rachel woke up with a bad nosebleed and Xian did her best to try to comfort R. She still has some moments when she just doesn't seem to be able to stop herself from being too rough, but I think her awareness of others is starting to come back.

Xian will be starting on her third antibiotic (for the bartonella) this weekend, and now Nystatin to prevent yeast overgrowth, needed because she's on so many antibiotics. I'm hoping that she'll tolerate it okay---the doctor warned she may have another die off period after starting it, so she'll be starting with half doses for the first week. Hopefully I'll have some idea over the weekend---she'll have her first dose later today. She's also on some supplements/vitamins to help with her irritability/mood swings--and those do seem to help calm her down. (Hmmm, have to try some of them myself!) During the time she's been in kindy/child care I've been mostly running around trying to get various long overdue errands done, and complete my annual report for work, and hoping to book a few long over due appointments soon. Rachel has been happy to be back at daycare with her teachers back from their summer holidays---and to see her familiar playmates again. Unfortunately she's already got the 'back to school' cold---and I'm fighting it off as well. Hopefully Xian won't succumb, given all the bacterial and protozoal battles going on in her body. I can't imagine a cold virus would have much room to get a foothold.

Nice for all of us to be starting into a bit more of a routine---once I see how the next few weeks unfold I'll probably be able to set an earlier 'back to work' date, though I think I need a bit of recuperation time and time to catch up on everything that's piled up at home first.

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marciakrull said...

Greetings from a fellow SWT Mom!

As my oldest daughter, Sara Marina began Kindergarten this week, I was swept up in her excitement and happiness. I also am feeling a deep gratitude for the blessing that she is truly ready for Kindergarten--she is doing well physically and developmentally and emotionally.

After what this past year brought you and Xian, I can't imagine the emotions you are experiencing with Xian being at a point that she is able to attend Kindergarten. Looking back to the worst of her illness, as she continued to get worse, it must have been so very frightening and worrisome for you to look toward the future and would it would hold for your family.

So yes, I know that there is still much worry and stress. And there are challenges for you that are hard for most of us to even comprehend.
But be sure to savor this big step forward for Xian, for you, for Rachel. Be sure to feel very very proud of yourself for what your fierce Mother's love has accomplished. I remain truly in awe of it all, and I consider it a privilege to follow your journey through reading this blog-thank you!
Marcia from Wisconsin
Happy Happy Mommy to Sara Marina (age 5) and Kate (age 2 1/2), both adopted from Taraz, Kazakhstan