Friday, July 11, 2008

This week....

Xian's continued to have some reactions from about the 2nd day of the new medication (Mepron, for the babesia). Very similar to the couple of days she reacted to the zithromax---lots of little crying outbursts, saying that she's scared or angry or "I'm crying!" Her mornings are the worst, though today was a bit better---she'd had a full 12+ hours of sleep (I'm hoping this means she's on a new sleep trend) and woke up happy and smiling, but after her doses of both medications she had some reactions on and off until about noon. She's looking 'clearer' this afternoon and more smiles and silliness. We attended a playgroup Rachel goes to for kids who have limb differences and the coordinator, who last saw Xian in mid June said that she definitely noticed a difference in her speech---even though she was having the odd crying moment. (She seemed to be having some pain/bad feelings in one arm and her hand.)

Yesterday Xian started breaking out in some odd looking bumps -- they don't look like hives, as they appear in little curved lines and clusters and some have a clear bubble of honey coloured liquid. I posted about it to one of the Lyme discussion groups and it sounds like it is a bartonella rash, which can also appear as red stretch mark type lines---Xian's had some of those previously, on her neck, top of hands and across the backs of her upper legs. The sort of interesting bit is that once Xian's little bumps showed up she started showing some improvements and seems a bit less 'foggy'. Will keep an eye on them and call her Lyme doctor if they get worse, but apparently the two week mark of zithromax is when they've shown up in other kids being treated.

Anyway, off to take advantage of Xian's cheerful mood, hopefully we'll be seeing more of that as the days continue!

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