Saturday, July 5, 2008

Xian the media princess

Xian and I went to the Lyme rally here and Suh Ling Goh, one of the local media who covers health for Global asked me to do an interview (ack!). It went pretty well....wonder if we'll be getting any phone calls from any of Xian's doctors?

Xian's and my interview on Global TV:

Go to -- then click on "Health matters" and our story is the one at the top (or close to the top) that says "Lyme disease".

You can see Xian looking like a 'cool kid' with her Dora hat and sunglasses---though the reason for wearing them is 'survival' -- the Lyme has given her sensitivity to light.

Another story on the Rally: -- click on Lyme Disease Rally

Xian's been having some reactions to the new medicine (Mepron). Started at the two day mark the night before last, same as her reaction to the Azithromycin. She has bouts of crying and pain, times when she says she's scared or "it's scary." I think she's having occasional hallucinations maybe, based on some of her comments about whatever it is that's scaring her -- an adult we know who was treated said that she had them on and off for the first month of her treatment. Yesterday she also had a sore knee and was limping quite a bit---have heard that the Lyme bacteria when under attack will 'show up' in new spots. She's also started needing to spit a lot again--she's had this at bad points when her taste sensations seem to be 'off'. This time around her 'herx' doesn't seem quite as bad as the first time (yet...) and she does have periods where she's feeling better -- usually once the afternoon hits. I've also been told that sometimes there's a bad reaction at around the one month mark--something to do with the life cycle of the bacteria. Guess we'll see. Overall, though, Xian's still continuing to show improvements, even on days when she's not feeling so good. She seems to know that her medicines are making her better---she's constantly going over and handing me one of the bottles. Now I just have to get her to remember when she gets the doses!

We're off for a visit to Chuck E Cheese (and maybe a bit of shopping beforehand while I have something to 'help' with the cooperation) and to buy today's paper to see what the coverage is for the rally -- apparently it's quite good. Will see if there's an on-line link later.

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Joanna said...

You came across very well. Calm and sensible. Xian was sweet too :).

Not so sure about those singers though! ;)