Friday, June 6, 2008

10 business days

Last night during dinner the phone rang -- it was an 800 number which usually means someone doing a political poll or some sort of person I don't usually want to talk to. I picked up in a hurry, though, when I heard "It's ___ calling from IGeneX." Anyway, the pleasant young woman was calling to confirm that Xian's blood work had arrived and they were ready to start running the tests and just needed approval on the amount they are charging on my credit card. I figure it will be money well spent if it provides us with some clues as to Xian's condition. The woman said that the results should be back at the doctor's office in 10 working days (from yesterday). Which is the 19th. I can already tell it's going to be a long couple of weeks. (There's only so much time that one can spend on willing particular test results and reading up on Lyme testing!) Well, good time to try to clean up some of the chaos in the house, getting my winter tires off, and of course, look into what our options are for medical treatment if she does have Lyme. Apparently Lyme treatment is hard to come by in Alberta and in most of Western Canada, though there are a few doctors who will treat based on consultation with other experts.

Yesterday Xian was feeling crummy most of the day and wouldn't eat except for a couple of small snacks, but she did manage to fall asleep before 10 and was quite relaxed for the hours preceding sleep (sometimes she'll get quite restless, especially when she's having the heavy sweats). Last night for the first time in many nights she didn't have the night sweats and she woke up quite "clear" as well and with a big appetite and quite playful with Rachel. Even a bit more talkative than usual---normally she's pretty silent and foggy when she first gets up, or, worse will be very irritable and obviously not feeling good. Anyway, nice to see after having a week when a lot of her symptoms seemed to be worsening again---when that starts to happen I worry that she'll hit another big decline like she did in February.

So, nine more "working days" to go -- or, 14 days total....not that I'm counting or anything!


Eliza2006 said...

Check out this book. My aunt recommended it and said it addresses children as well.

I talked to my aunt today and referred her to your blog.

Linda said...

Thanks -- I checked it out on-line and it looks like something I should track down.