Monday, June 9, 2008

Tick tock, tick tock....

Well, I imagine that by now Xian's tests might be complete---though I don't know how long such things take. Wish I had some psychic skills, or had dreams like the woman on "Medium". (The best I've done is dream Xian and I were at an unfamiliar doctor's office and were getting dates for IV treatment...which is probably just from reading about such things.) Hopefully I'll be able to get a copy of the results by the end of next week. I did get a couple of interesting pieces of information late last week -- through a couple of contacts I found out about a Seattle Lyme specialist who also apparently studied under one of the foremost pediatric Lyme specialists. Also heard about a Toronto Infectious Diseases specialist who sees Lyme patients. Both doctors seem to be well regarded from what I've been able to check out. One of the women I spoke with (she has a son with Lyme -- they moved here from BC) suggested I might contact the Seattle doctor and get her to interpret the test results. She's been going to her every two months, which is what is required for the prescriptions. So, debating our options, in the case that Xian's results are positive and we can't get treatment locally right away---from what I've heard, while some people have received local treatment, it's sometimes taken months to get someone who will do it, and then you generally need someone to consult with the local doctor. While I'd certainly push to get local treatment, I also wouldn't want to have Xian wait any longer than she already has. While there would probably be more likelihood of getting medical to cover something if I went to Toronto, any gains there would be offset by the costs of travel and accommodation---Seattle's a lot closer, and closer to family in Victoria or friends in Vancouver. Killing some time during the wait for results by adding to and organizing the document I've put together with the summary of all that's happened to her. Hard to believe this has gone on for so long and that her pediatrician hasn't so much as left a voicemail message for us in months (and I should have received a couple of referrals for appointments, too---there were plans for both girls to see an allergist). Months ago the psychiatrist told me that our case was keeping the pediatrician up at nights---hmmm, guess she's past the insomnia!

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