Monday, June 30, 2008

Day by Day

...Xian is showing little improvements. One big change is that she's returned to her former cuddliness---wanting to sit on my lap, enjoying Rachel's hugs and not minding touch on her head most of the time. (One of the things her illness did was make her super sensitive to touch on her head--it's been obviously uncomfortable and maybe even painful for her). She's also seeming a bit more aware of her surroundings, and that seems to make her feel a bit more anxious and clingy---something that was sometimes an issue for the 'old Xian' too. Rachel has been noticing all the little changes as well and keeps remarking that, "Xian's spell is breaking because she likes cuddles now." Xian's expression has changed as well---hard to put my finger on it, but she just looks more "there" and like her light is turning on a little more each day, when prior to the antibiotics she always had a glazed/foggy expression even when she was happy, and her expression was often very 'flat', without emotion. Yesterday after dinner we went out with my cousin to the Legislature wading pools (which Rachel loved---no deep water so she could do a lot of 'swimming'!), and when my cousin took pictures of the girls Xian even gave her that old familiar 'cheesy' smile that was a common feature in a lot of our old photos. (While Xian's been sick, for some reason, cameras have sometimes provoked odd behaviour---panic attacks or frantic behaviour, and she's often not wanted her picture taken.)

Tomorrow we add her Mepron to the azithromycin. So far, Xian's not had any nasty effects from the azith, though the probiotics and digestive enzymes are probably helping, too. Mepron is known to cause nausea and I've heard that it can be a challenging one to get kids to take--Xian's been very good about her meds and the supplements, so crossing fingers that will continue.

Off to get the sleeping beauty out of bed. We have a playdate with her old daycare 'boyfriend', so hoping that she has a good morning.

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Sampsons said...

So good to hear! I check to see what improvements you're finding and love to hear she's doing better. N