Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Crossing fingers

Just killing some time in our hotel room before we head off for Xian's appointment. I did contact Xian's ped's office on Monday, but the nurse said nothing had come in for the Lyme test, though the test for celiac disease was negative (which I guess is why she left the message?). Really hoping that the Seattle doctor will have receive the test results or at least be able to access them.

Our trip over went well. Much easier to take the Clipper than to drive and the cab ride from the pier to our hotel was short. The hotel is working out fine---right beside a big shopping plaza with lots of little restaurants. I had been a bit worried about finding things Xian could eat (given she's now severely gluten intolerant and not tolerating fructose/sugars very well, either) but there are quite a few we can choose from. She had a big bowl of chicken noodle soup at an Asian restaurant and they substituted rice noodles for her. Found a bookstore and bought Pamela Weintraub's Cure Unknown: Inside the Lyme Epidemic -- read the first six chapters last night and it describes Xian's medical experiences thus far, though from the range of illness described it does seem like if she has Lyme, she has a severe form of it.

She's had a bit of a rough morning -- she's had about five days now of bad insomnia with early waking, so am sure part is fatigue. She's been asking for 'medicine' (Tylenol) a lot, and having little bursts of crying and rolling around on the floor, so we are sticking to the hotel room until her appointment. Hopefully she'll keep it together until we get to the doctor's office.

Will report back later as soon as I have a quiet moment.

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Sampsons said...

Thinking of you two from the other side of the country. N